Monday, February 18, 2013

{Weekend Love}

Oh the weekend.
Friday, we went out to eat. again. It's seriously becoming a problem.

What we do when waiting for a table.

Saturday morning, we did a whole lot of nothing. It was glorious. Saturday afternoon, I got to hang out with my favorite girls. 

Aren't they the CUTEST ever? I mean really.. I didn't even ask them to stick out their tongues or make silly faces, they volunteered that all on their own.

Sunday was crazy busy, as usual.. and I debated posting this video.. but listen, it's important that you all know the real me.. Jr high crazy leader & all.. Speaking of which... Jr high is the BEST. I can be really crazy, nerdy & weird and they still think I'm cool. It's why I love youth ministry. It's also kinda my first vlog debut.. but keep a look out.. Nathan says he is going to do one with me in the very near future. Happy weekend friends! 

& what's that.. You want to win an iPad mini?? -ME TOO! Pretty Living PDX is giving one away so go enter! 


  1. You guys are So cute:) Love those pictures!!! Love Katie

  2. Ha ha!! You and my cute together!!


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