Tuesday, July 23, 2013

As the Lord sends us out..

 When we were headed off to camp last month, I was battling some pretty bad anxiety. 
The Lord walked me through it and we had an amazing week. 
Now, as we prepare for next weeks mission trip, although I am not void of anxiety, there seems to be everything else going wrong. 
As most of you know, we put our house up for sale 2 weeks ago. 
We had an offer within 4 days and we were under contract.

It was very exciting and we were happy to be moving forward to be 
able to buy a home where we do ministry. 
We also found an amazing home within our budget and perfect for us. We were the first to put in an offer and were extremely optimistic.  
Sunday night we got the news that the sellers excepted someone elses offer. 
I cried, went on a Starbucks date with my love, and got over it. 
Then Monday morning, my realtor called and said the Buyers on our house cancelled. 
It's weird because, although I am a little worried about coming up with 2 payments if we don't sell that home soon, I honestly think this may be for the best. 
& I am certainly not overwhelmed by it. 
Did I have long conversations with my husband & BFFL for comfort? Sure did.
But am I having anxiety about it? No. 
Small steps people, small steps. 
I honestly feel the Lord's peace in every step of this process. 
I think there will be a "better" buyer out there for our home and that this will work out in the way the Lord wants. I can't see what that is right now, but I really do trust that this will work out in the exact way the Lord plans for it to.
& of course this is all happening 6 days before we leave for the High School Mission Trip. 
No doubt, the enemies way of trying to bring us down and cause us to be ineffective. 
The problem with his tactic is, I KNOW my God is bigger than any of these circumstances. He will have His way no matter what and I am so, so comforted by that simple fact. 
So the enemy will once again, lose. 
There's my update for this week in hopes that you will all come along side us in prayer for this next week. That our student's lives, our leaders lives, and most importantly those we minister to, will be changed forever. 
That the Lord would keep us safe and work miracles. 
That people would find Jesus.
Much love friends!


  1. I'm so glad that you're being blessed with peace as you walk through this...It's true, that it's all going to work out in an amazing way, just as it should in the end. Love you

  2. Praying for you and your husband. I understand what you're going through! The house situation can be stressful let alone with the additional responsibility of taking your youth on a trip. A verse I have on my desk at work is "You keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on you." Isaiah 26:3

    Praying for peace of mind!


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