Tuesday, October 15, 2013

12 things I LOVE about Youth Ministry

in no particular order...
1// That I can be as crazy as I want with Jr. highers and they still think I'm cool. In fact, the crazier I get, the cooler they think I am ;)
2// I get to see students come to Jesus.
3// I hear students worship God. 
4// I get to eat a lot of candy & pizza & burgers. 
5// I swim 95% of the Summer because we have 2 pool parties a week. 
6// I get to be a part of teaching young woman the Word of God and see it drastically change their lives. 
7// I get 2 weeks off a year just to go spend time with a bunch of students (that I already love being around) and watch as God changes their lives forever.
8// I always have someone to sit with in Church when Nathan is busy.
9// I always have something to blog about ;)
10// I get to hear my husband teach every week and I love it.
11// Students are so sweet & always get me the cutest gifts for my birthday/Christmas.
12//If we ever need help with anything, they're all more than willing to be there for us!

I'm sure there are MANY more. But those are just a few reasons why i love youth.


  1. you are the best youth ministers wife.. those girls are so lucky to have you and have someone who loves what she and her husband are doing!

  2. You are pretty terrific girlfran!!

    I seriously can't wait until my hubby and I are fully in ministry together.

    Love ya!

  3. I agree with everything Teressa said :) These are some of the reasons I wish we had more time to invest in youth & college ministry!


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