Friday, October 11, 2013

You know you're a youth pastor's wife when..

 #31Days of Youth Ministry- Day 11
You know you're a youth pastor's wife when....

You come home to a house full of boys blowing up soap in the microwave.

You get text messages in the middle of the night from students and think it's perfectly normal.

 You move and most of the volunteers are high school boys.

Going to camp with a bunch of smelly awesome jr. highers is your vacation for the year.
You have 40 kids but you never actually birthed any of them.
You've attended more sports events for students then you ever did when you were in high school. 
You're no longer known by your first name but as .."this is Nathan's wife, our youth pastor..." 
You have never been so excited that a Holiday landed on a Sunday.. because now it means you just may get a WHOLE weekend to yourself (we have youth on Sunday nights!)

Yes this is day 11 of my #31daysofyouthministry.. Yes I skipped day 4,5,6,7,8,9 and 10.  Yes I thought I could do all of the following things including (but not limited to)

Pack all my crap and move my whole house.
Help remodel said new house.
Be a MOH in a wedding.
Plan a bachelorette party.
Be with my friend when she had her first baby.
Work (obviously)
Attend the influence conference.
& then of course, blog for 31 days straight.

Clearly I had to eliminate one because I had gone completely crazy. ;)


  1. Being a youth pastor's wife and also on staff at our church, I totally related to this and laughed out loud!

  2. This is adorable. Hope everything is going well with the house!

  3. Wow girl!! You're one busy bee! LOVE this btw. :)

  4. WHAT! I so commented on this post ..but it isn't showing up! This made me laugh so much... and think about all the things that we think are 'normal' but really aren't.


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