Thursday, October 3, 2013

Something more.

There was a time in our lives, right after we were married, that we weren't a part of any youth programs.
We were just married and we spent our nights watching Netflix and remodeling our house.
It was fun for a time. 
But we were BORED. 
We constantly felt a stirring in our hearts that we should be doing something. 
We both knew it was youth ministry, we just didn't know how or when. 
About 2 years later, Nathan and I started leading worship for a friends youth group. We also were overjoyed to serve on the leadership team and be a part of the students lives personally.  
But Nathan still felt a tugging at his heart. that he was still meant for something more. That he wasn't meant to lead worship for students, but he was meant to lead students, as a pastor. 
He was still in college and pursuing his bachelors degree in theology and we honestly just didn't know what would happen in terms of ministry. 
At the time we, our very best friends were attending Access and has been asking, while slightly joking, why we wouldn't just come be their youth pastor. 
Nathan straight up just said no way. 
we had a life in mesa, y'all. What did they want us to do? Pick everything up and just become a part of a community we knew nothing about? Sell our home and move 1.5 hours  away from my family?! That was just crazy talk. 
Good thing The Lord doesn't care about anyone else's plans but that His will be done. Knowing full well the desire was burning us alive and our purpose was to be a part of that very church. 

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  1. Funny how we just flat out say no to God and then we end up doing what He planned anyway. I remember saying no about going to Skid Roe and then ending up there and loving it. How long have you guys been married?

  2. So cool to read about you guys in the beginning stages of following this plan of God's for you. I feel like my husband and I are right now in the beginning of entering into a different life plan than we expected for serving God, and it's an exciting time!


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