Monday, April 21, 2014

25 week {Easter} 'Bumpdate'

25 Weeks (actually I'm 26 weeks now)

Weight: I bought a new scale... womp womp.. Was convinced mine wasn't working because the Doctor's always says I way weigh much more than my at home one. Now both at home say the same, so I am definitely just sticking with that. up 2 pounds since my last appointment so I think that's 18 total and right on track. 

Symptoms: I have been getting sooo full so fast lately. It's really more towards the end of the day around dinner and I can never have a "real" dinner. I maybe eat 1/4 the amount that I used to. The problem is, I'm hungry! But I feel as though nothing else will fit in there and I get SO uncomfortable if I over eat even the slightest.. although this has been happening for about 3 weeks. I think (TMI) this has a lot to do with being constipated and prune juice isn't cutting it any pregnant ladies/mamas have any advice??

Clothes: I've been trying to wear dresses lately but I still feel uncomfortable if my bump isn't defined enough because I am unsure how it looks..

Sleep: I have been wanting to sleep more! Hip pain has been getting worse and by the morning, neither side is comfy to lie on. But I am still tired and sleeping really well which I am thankful for. 
Cravings/Aversions: Glazed doughnut holes (which I finally allowed myself to get) Chocolate, Watermelon, and iced coffee. A while back a friend of mine would always make me an iced coffee drink and I got super addicted. I have been craving it recently so I will brew some decaff, leave it in the fridge and just have some when I feel like it. If you're interested.. It's 3/4 cup brewed coffee, 1/4 cup coffee mate coconut creamer (although I never use this much) and 1/4-1/2 of chocolate milk. I just buy the lite Hershey's syrup and mix it with whatever milk I have then stir in coffee and creamer. Seriously, it is the BEST summer iced coffee ever. 

Baby- Sweet girl is good. Always bouncing around letting me know she's happy :) 
Movement: Still moving in the same patterns.. she is super active some days and not as active others. I love the days that she seems to be awake a lot and tumbling around. She will move my whole tummy but every time I try to get it on video she stops of course. She has been shying away when anyone puts their hand on my belly lately to feel her move too. 
How I am feeling: I'm definitely slowing down. Really enjoying the times I get to sleep later/longer. I even took a 10 minute nap the other day which resulted in me feeling worse than before the nap but it just proves I was tired enough to fall asleep in the first place. Loving all the movement and acrobats this little girls does in my tummy all day and I can't wait to see her cute little face!

How Daddy's feeling: "I feel ready to meet the baby!"

Other Stuff: Some really good friends of ours just had a baby and it makes me want to see our little girl even more! We started a journal for her and we both try to write in it every day. Usually what Nathan writes will make me cry and I just love how much he loves her already. 

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